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Medical Herbalists are members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) in the UK. This is the oldest and most respected regulating body of western herbal medicine in the world.

Medical Herbalists combine historical knowledge with the latest scientific research. They are educated in the study of medical sciences, diagnostic skills, pharmacy, materia medica, and dietetics, in addition to supervised clinical training and experience.

Medical Herbalists are trained to take into account any medications that have been prescribed.

To identify the underlying cause of disease, the focus of the treatment plan is to look at the entire individual and not necessarily just one health problem.

Medical Herbalists are not exclusive of orthodox medicine and encourages working alongside doctors.


What is the difference between a Medical Herbalist and a Naturopath or Homeopath?

Medical Herbalists are the Herbal Medicine experts. They are THE specialists in herbal medicine having had their years of training focusing on and specializing in herbal medicines. Naturopaths have studied several different healing modalities in the same time frame that Medical Herbalists have studied and focused on one modality - herbal medicines. Medical Herbalists are not dabblers in herbal medicine, rather they are the highest trained, thus experts, in the field. A Homeopath has studied homeopathic medicines that may or may not include herbs.


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