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Contact me at:

Christine Dennis 

53793 McQuiggan Line

RR#1Port Burwell

ON, Canada

N0J 1T0

PH# -519.874.4532


Sunday January 29, 2017 4:39 PM




By Appointment Only - see Fees below

Please contact Christine directly, via email or phone, to book a time for a visit.


To prepare for your holistic health consultation appointment (this is NOT necesary for the Consultation with Nature appointments):

1/ Fill out an intake form and a diet and lifestyle diary to bring in with you. These are available on the Forms page. Be sure to sign the last page of the intake form before coming in.

2/ If applicable, bring in copies of any recent medical tests.

3/ Bring all medication bottles in with you.

4/ Check out the Maps page so you know how to get here on time.

NOTE: As this is a home clinic, so arriving as close to your appointment time as possible, is important. Plus, there is no waiting room for friends and other family members to sit and wait during the consultation. Your understanding and respect is appreciated.



Initial appointments

A Consultation with Nature - a contemplative exploration walk in Nature - no intake forms are necessary

Together we will walk in Nature exploring what Nature herself has to say directly to YOU! This is not a holistic health consultation; rather it is about exploring Meaning. Be it regarding your life or life path, health and healing or whatever your query may be, a consultation with Nature offers Wisdom that can add a fresh, new and clearer perspective for you.

1 hr $100
2 hr $150

In Office:

1 hour Holistic Health Consultation - intake forms are necessary

Adult $100
Child $90

2 hr Comprehensive Holistic BodyMindSpirit Health Consultation - intake forms are necessary


2 hr Family Consult (one parent & 2 children, 6 years & under) - - intake forms are necessary for each individual

$ 200

Phone Consult (for those living too far to travel) - intake forms are necessary, please mail ahead of appointment

1 hour - $100

Repeat visits

½ hour consult
Adult $45
Child $30

1 hour consult
Adult $75
Child $50

5 - 20 min phone calls or longer *emails


*Email - Due to time restrictions, please limit email to short simple questions in between visits. Please note that email should not be used as a substitute for visits (1 minute rule). Please always sign your full name to emails



50 mls $20

100 mls $25

200 mls $35

Dried Herbs

Teas - $ 15

Creams and Salves

25 mls $15

50 mls $20

Additional Phone Consultations:

Christine is available for in person or phone consultations about all aspects of herbal medicine.



Download my pamphlet to share with family and friends.